Between Summits and Elections - 2

Open Letter
Goldman Prize Winners to World Leaders- 3

Mangrove Clearcutting Denounced - 4

Risks of Agrochemicals and Transgenics – 5

Threat of Acueducto Independencia – 6

Yaqui Tribe Condemns Corrupt Government – 7

International Wetlands Day Celebrated – 9

Protecting the Río Yaqui, a Binational Challenge – 8

Federal District
Statement on Killings of Journalists – 10

Baja California Peninsula
Fishermen Push for Improved Surveillance - 11

Cabo Pulmo Reef Still Under Threat – 12
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Coyote en el Desierto Vizcaino
Coyote (Canis latrans) on the prowl in the Vizcaino Desert, B.C.S. (Photo cortesy of: C. Mendoza, Guerrero Negro Verde)