Mother woodpecker and her chick feeding in Baja California Sur. (Photo: Nohel Martínez)

We've come to the end - 2

Factories must report toxic waste - 3

Risks of lead-acid batteries emphasized - 4

Activists push for protection of hammerhead sharks – 5
Demand on rise for GMO cultivation permit process – 6
Solar energy investment put on the table – 7
E-Cobach Ecology Club kicks off – 8

Sinaloa y Nayarit
Large-scale construction projects change landscape – 9
Calderón administration fails to meet ambitious goal – 10

Baja California Sur
Los Cardones Mine Project withdrawn– 11
NGO´s halt destructive development projects – 12
San Ignacio Trail and Plant Guide debuts – 13

Baja California y California
Treaty to restore the Colorado River Delta signed– 14

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