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Are we Sonorans or idiots?

By Rosa María O’Leary Franco*

roadside sign

Welcome to the end of the world. (Photo: Archives).


It would seem that the objective of the "authorities" is to profoundly demoralize all Mexicans.

We watch as the price of everything rises, from even the most basic of staples, the give-away of our natural resources, and how public, social and job security is non-existent.

And those with a license to steal continue to lie and picture a magnificent, progressive Mexico through their rose-colored glasses.

We listen to our "brilliant" legislators in their ridiculous and cynical "debates" reveal personal secrets, all of their scandals and crookedness, and nothing happens, absolutely nothing. These arrogant bigwigs plaster the city with propaganda, not only creating visual contamination, but also an immeasurable fury over such shamelessness. Everyone in politics is currying favor with someone and much of the public is ready to vote for the most adept liar.

Then there’s always a “rebel” who emerges, the people’s candidate, who denounces all of the chicanery, but still nothing changes. He’s the one who knows all about the sewer’s depths because he has spent his entire life there. Oh, and they think this is a good guy, the one who speaks the truth. And you can find them at both the local and national levels – part of the system, just dumpsters, drains and dissipators of the people’s rage.

That’s our country, where theft by the authorities is sanctioned, where they take over the public places for private profit, and they do a great business under the cover of their terrible impunity.

That’s our state, where we have permitted endless plunder, miserable wages, and the loss of employment security. Workers are treated as disposable commodities in mines such as Cananea and  Nacozari, under the thumb of Sergio Almazán Esqueda and his Mexican Mining Chamber. They are deprived of their livelihoods and replaced by new-hires with pitiful salaries, just like in all the maquiladoras. Meanwhile the aim is to wipe out our indigenous communities and hand the land to the corporations, in which the politicians happen to be business partners.

A list of the shams, contamination, and institutionalized lies would be endless. But the worst crime of all: the deaths of 49 children in the ABC Day Care Center Fire¹ together with the irreversible harm to more than 70 children and their families. Nine years later, there’s still no justice and it’s as if  nothing ever happened here.

Will we no longer react to anything? Are we already the living dead?

From somewhere in Pendejolandia², which I wish would reclaim the name of Mexico.

*Sonoran activist, winner of the Convergencia Party’s
2011 "Benito Juarez Garcia" national prize.


¹ read more here about the tragedy.

² "land of the  absurd"