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Wanted: Sustainable fishing in the National Wetlands



Photos by Carlos Eduardo Simental Crespo and Isaac Castillo*

In the National Wetlands, the most extensive mangrove forest on Mexico's Pacific coast, nine fishing cooperatives and five concessionaires along with technical help from the NGOs Sumar, Redes and Mar Bermejo, are coming together to eliminate harmful practices and to help restore the fisheries on which their economy depends.

PescAvante sign
While both Mexican and international fisheries are on the brink of collapse due to overfishing and pollution fisherman in the forefront of conservation in the state of Sinaloa endorse the initiative known as PescAvante. (Click on the image to enlarge).



Sign denouncing chumming practices A campaign was launched to educate the public and promote adherence to federal law NOM 064 which prohibits, among other things, chumming, use of trawl nets and codends (or cod ends, the tapered end of a trawlnet), as well as toxic agents such as cyanide. (Click on the image to enlarge).


In the radio studio to discuss plans

They spread their message to their colleagues on the radio.



Committee representatives
On August 28th, local representatives from the Intercooperative Committee (composed of six fishing cooperatives and five commerical fishing permit holders) and the NGO offering technical assistance met in Teacapán. (Click on the image to enlarge).



Press conference
On November 27th, members of PescAvante held a press conference in Escuinapa to unveil their initiative which is designed to promote respect of fishing areas designated as “under restoration” and of no-catch refuges. (Click on the image to enlarge).

PescAvante program participants
On December 14, the Sinaloan participants from PescAvante met with three fishing cooperatives from Nayarit at the National Wetlands in order to strengthen their unity in the responsible fishing iniative. (Click on the image to enlarge).


*Member of the "Pro NOM 064" law campaign