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Journalism to Raise Environmental Awareness
Grassroots Bulletin on Sustainable Development in Northwest Mexico

Desfile del carnaval de la primavera

Rustic wall in Tórim provides rest stop for Yaqui children. (Photo: Raquel Padilla).



Vol. 7, No. 1   Summer 2016


Citizens fight institutional corruption - 2


Yaqui leader speaks before UN - 3
Community makes the difference - 4
Obregón school hosts climate change conference - 5
Grupo México gets away with ecocide - 6

Baja California

Death rate of vaquitas on the rise - 7

Baja California Sur

Mission not always easy for environmental groups - 8
Despite protest, eminent domain law passes - 9


Profepa certifies simulated removal of illegal levee - 10


Gas pipelines proliferate in push for privatization - 11

Controversial industrial plant impacts mangroves - 12


5 new areas protected in the Gulf of California - 13